LMP News: June 27, 2016

Killeen named Top Doc

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Top Doctors issue came out in June.  The issue recognizes top doctors in medical specialties in the Twin Cities.  Tony Killeen made the list this year in pathology.  Top Doctors are selected through a survey of randomly selected physicians and registered nurses who indicate who they would go to in selected specialties

Berger starts appointment on July 11

David Berger joins our faculty this month as an assistant professor with a specialty in pediatric pathology.   Berger received his MD degree at Baylor where he also did his AP/CP residency training.  He recently completed his pediatric pathology fellowship at the Texas Children’s Hospital, affiliated with Baylor, in Houston.   Berger’s e-mail is, office phone number: 273-4014; pager: 899-6114.  His office is on the West Bank.

Cartwright to continue in Anatomic Pathology

David Cartwright will stay on staff as a UMP physician starting in July.  Cartwright will complete his fellowship in molecular genetics at the end of June then join the staff in anatomic pathology.  Cartwright’s e-mail is, office phone number will be  273-9632; pager is 899-6114.

Meet new fellows and residents

A welcome reception is scheduled for Tuesday, July 5 from 4:30 to 5:30 PM in D175 Mayo (Bell Conference Room) for our new residents, fellows and post-sophomore year fellows. 

Searching for new faculty

There are a number of searches open in the department that will complement our strategic plan.  Yoji Shimizu is the chair of the search committee looking for a tenure track tumor immunologist.  Several candidates have already visited the U this spring.  The cluster grant, “Providing treatments for Neurodegenerative diseases”, will fund up to two neuropathologists in the department.  In collaboration with the Institute for Translational Neuroscience we are looking for neuropathologists with an established research program in a neuroscience area:  neurodegeneration, neuro-oncology, neuro-immunology, etc.  Fairview lab administration approved the funding for another molecular diagnostics faculty member who will work with our current faculty to develop next generation sequencing and array based clinical testing.  This is part of Phase III of our genomics program.  Last but not least we are searching for a faculty member to lead our Informatics Division and also serve as the Chief Laboratory Information Office for MHealth.  The first candidate interviews this week.

Anatomic Pathology hires research project specialist

Dina El-Rayes starts this week as the Division of Anatomic Pathology’s new research specialist.  She will help coordinate all research investigations utilizing archived human paraffin tissue blocks.   Elrayes will assist with IRB protocols, facilitate tissue retrieval, help collect necessary pathology data and be your resource on paraffin-embedded human tissues.  Contact her at

Reminder:  Innovation Initiatives 2016 deadline for pre-proposals is August 1. 

All the information is available at

Send pre-proposals to Linda Kenny at or MMC 609 Mayo


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Monday, June 27, 2016

LMP News: June 13, 2016

Cartwright receives Young Investigator Award at ACLPS (photo attached)

David Cartwright, molecular pathology fellow, was awarded a Young Investigator Award at the 51st annual meeting of the Academy for Clinical Physicians and Scientists (ACLPS) at the University of Alabama, Birmingham earlier this month.  Matt Root, a post-sophomore year fellow, presented a poster and Jonathan Miller, a former CP resident and currently on faculty at the University of Chicago, received the G.T. Evans Award.  History note:  GT Evans is the father of Laboratory Medicine at the U of M; he was the first head of the department (1959).  The two departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine merged in 1973 under Ellis S. Benson. 

Three faculty will be promoted July 1

Congratulations are in order for three of our faculty who made it through the promotion process this year.  Dave McKenna was promoted to professor and Mike Linden and Nathan Pankratz were promoted to associate professor.  Congratulations!

Faculty publish papers

Wei B, Hayes GM, Liu H, Gemmell L, Schmeling DO, Radecki P, Agilar F, Burbelo PD, Woo J, Balfour HH Jr, Cohen JI. Kinetics of the EBV neutralizing and virus-specific antibodies after primary infection with Epstein-Barr virus. Clin Vaccine Immunol 2016; 23:363-369. DOI:10.1128/CVI.00674-15

Li D., Misialek J, Boerwinkle E, Gottesman RF, Sharrett AR, Mosley TH, Coresh J, Wruck LM, Knopman DK, Alonso A.  Plasma phospholipids and prevalence of mild cognitive impairment and/or dementia in the ARIC Neurocognitive Study (ARIC-NCS). Alzheimer’s and Dementia:  Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring. 2016. doi:10.1016/j.dadm.2016.02.008.

Sekulic  M, Gilles S, Amin K, Stewart Jimmie III. Undifferentiated (anaplastic) carcinoma with osteoclast-like giant cells of the pancreas: a series of 5 cases with clinicopathologic correlation and cytomorphologic characterization. DOI:

It’s now Maggie McGough

It was wedding bells for Maggie Truax, LMP’s residency coordinator,  who married Zack McGough on June 4.  Maggie will be using McGough as her family name but her e-mail will still show up as  Best wishes to both of the McGoughs! 

Retired faculty member dies

Walid Yasmineh, a longtime member of our clinical chemistry division, passed away on May 30.  Yasmineh was also director of graduate studies for our master’s program in clinical laboratory sciences.   The department plans a gift in his name to the National Parkinson Foundation. 

Last chance to RSVP TODAY for McCullough Symposium

Talks start at 1:00; reception at 4:30 on Tuesday, June 21 at the Campus Club.  See program at .  Last chance RSVP TODAY with Penny Milne at 

Try this number if you are in a jam abroad

The University has a central international emergency phone number for by all University travelers who are abroad for University purposes. Students, faculty and staff who are experiencing an emergency abroad can call 612-301-CALL and get help 24/7.  For more information visit!#/!

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Monday, June 13, 2016

LMP News: June 6, 2016

Racila provides commentary to TV News

Last week’s ME statement on the death of Prince stated that he died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl.  Emil Racila provided commentary to KSTP and KSTC45 explaining that circumstances surrounding death and toxic drug levels may be most important in distinguishing intentional (suicidal) overdoses that are typically significantly higher than in cases of accidental overdose.  Racila appears about 4.5 minutes in on this link:

Farrar and McKenna named to chairs

Mike Farrar is the new Virginia and David Utz Land Grant Chair in Fundamental Immunology effective July 1.  This chair was recently held by Matt Mescher who retired in 2015 and was endowed to aid in the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty in the field of immunobiology in LMP and the Medical School.  Dave McKenna is named to the American Red Cross Chair in Transfusion Medicine succeeding Jeff McCullough who retires on June 30.  The chair was endowed to attract and retain an outstanding faculty member in the areas of transfusion medicine in LMP and the Medical School.

Powell receives Medical School  teaching award

Debbie Powell received the Distinguished Teaching Award – Year 2 at the annual Medical School Honors and Awards Ceremony this spring.  Powell, dean emeritus, is also leading our strategic initiative on medical school education.

Courville and Snover are Top Teachers

Each year the residents in our postgraduate pathology training program nominate faculty who they believe are the teachers of the year in Laboratory Medicine and Pathology.    This year’s winners are Elizabeth Courville, CP teacher of the year, and Dale Snover, AP teacher of the year; both were recognized at the Lab Medicine and Pathology Annual Resident and Fellow Graduation Dinner in May.

McCullough to be honored at farewell symposium

Colleagues will gather to recognize Jeff McCullough’s career at the University of Minnesota in transfusion medicine on Tuesday, June 21 at the Campus Club.   Reception will follow an afternoon of talks. See program at .  RSVP (for reception and symposium) by June 10 with Penny Milne at 

Faculty publish papers

Johnson KH, Webb C-H, Schmeling DO, Brundage RC and Balfour HH Jr. Epstein–Barr virus dynamics in asymptomatic immunocompetent adults: an intensive 6-month study. Clinical & Translational Immunology 2016. DOI:10.1038/cti.2016.28. Published online 13 May 2016

Amy B. Karger, Christine Seen, Kathy Skogseth, Stacy Floodman Rare erroneous results on the Siemens Dimension Vista® platform due to urine carryover: A warning to current users DOI:10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2016.05.003 Published online 9 May 2016.

Turley, EA, Wood DK and McCarthy JB (2016). "Carcinoma Cell Hyaluronan as a "Portable" Cancerized Prometastatic Microenvironment." Cancer Res 2016 76(9): 2507-2512. 

Blast from the past

Tucker LeBien recently met up with two alumnae of our Ph.D. in pathobiology (absorbed into the MICaB program). Bob McCormack is senior director, Janssen Oncology Translational R&D, Johnson & Johnson and Myra Heieren McCormack, is associate patent counsel, Johnson and Johnson and president of AIPLA (American Intellectual Patent Law Association).  See photo attached.

Check out a story on our retirees

Lynda Ellis, Lael Gatewood, Jeff McCullogh and Rob McKenna, Jeff McCullough all plan active retirements.  Check out what they will be doing on our website

Two events scheduled on June 8 in 450 MCRB

Faculty Meeting:  @8:00 am (Integration-Bobbi Daniels, Innovation Initiatives 2016, LMP financials, Engagement Survey)

Talk: @ 2:00 pm “Unveiling the tumor microenvironment using imaging mass cytometry” by Raul Caten, Ph.D., University of Zurich 




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Monday, June 6, 2016

LMP News: May 23, 2016

Sekulic receives Fulbright Scholar Grant

Miro Sekulic, a PGY-3 resident, was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholar Grant to conduct research at the University of Bergen in Norway during his fourth year of residency.  Sekulic will work with Dr. Hans-Peter Marti to investigate interstitial fibrosis in chronic kidney disease and identify drivers of this process.  Renal fibrosis is an inevitable result of progressive chronic kidney disease, and better understanding of the development and alteration of this process could help influence patients care.

LMP recognizes Ernst awardees

Each spring the department recognizes superior research in pathology by awarding the Kenneth F. Ernst Award in Pathology to individuals selected by committee. 

Best PaperSarah Drawz  A chief resident , Drawz,  published “Variation in Resistance Traits, Phylogenetic Backgrounds, and Virulence Genotypes among Escherichia coli Clinical Isolates from Adjacent Hospital Campuses Serving Distinct Patient Populations,” Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, September 2015. 

Best non-fellow AP abstractTracy Stein.  Stein is a post sophomore year fellow who presented an abstract “Can Medullary Carcinoma Arise in Thyroglossal Duct Cysts?” at this year’s USCAP meeting.

Best non-fellow CP abstractJessica Gruenberg.  Gruenberg is a second year resident who will present an abstract “Determining the utility of creatinine delta checks:  A large retrospective analysis,”  at the AACC meeting in July.

Best fellow abstract:  Jesse Seegmiller.  Seegmiller is completing his clinical chemistry fellowship and will also present his abstract “A negative interference observed in an enzymatic creatinine assay due to dopamine and dobutamine,” at the AACC meeting.

Historical fact:  The Ernst award was established in 1977 by Thomas and Freda Turner to honor Ernst who was Mr. Turner’s colleague and mentor while serving in the Army.  Ernst was a graduate of the U of M and spent at least part of his career as a pathologist in San Francisco, CA (from minutes of ASCP meeting 1947).

Ferrieri and Cohn join editorial board of new journal

Claudia Cohn and Patricia Ferrieri joined the editorial board of a new peer reviewed journal, The Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Medicine.  This open access journal aims to publish cutting edge research in the field of translational medicine, pathology, toxicology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular medicine, hematology, etc.

Ellis retires in June

The Institute for Health Informatics recognizes Lynda Ellis at a retirement celebration on June 20 from 4:30-6:00 pm in the ABC Room at the Campus Club.  RSVP by June 6 to

Important dates to remember

Holiday:  Monday, May 30.  University will be closed.

Two events on June 8 in 450 MCRB:

Faculty Meeting:  @8:00 am (Integration-Bobbi Daniels, Innovation Initiatives 2016, LMP financials, Engagement Survey)

Talk: @ 2:00 pm “Unveiling the tumor microenvironment using imaging mass cytometry” by Raul Caten, Ph.D., University of Zurich


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Monday, May 23, 2016

LMP News: May 9, 2016

Department kicks off Innovation Initiatives 2016

Based on a recommendation from the translational research strategic planning committee, the department will offer the opportunity for faculty to apply for Innovation Initiative grants in 2017.  The due date for pre-proposals is August 1 with funding to start January 1. The format of the program will be the same as last year; see  We will review the program requirements at our June 8 faculty meeting.

Faculty publish recent papers

Lalit K. Beura, Sara E. Hamilton, Kevin Bi, Jason M. Schenkel, Oludare A. Odumade, Kerry A. Casey, Emily A. Thompson, Kathryn A. Fraser, Pamela C. Rosato, Ali Filali-Mouhim,Rafick P. Sekaly, Marc K. Jenkins, Vaiva Vezys, W. Nicholas Haining, Stephen C. Jameson & David Masopust.   Normalizing the environment recapitulates adult human immune traits in laboratory mice. Nature 532, 512-516 (28 April 2016) doi:10.1038/nature 17655

Dr Meghan Delaney, DO,Silvano Wendel, MD, Rachel S Bercovitz, MD, Joan Cid, MD, Claudia Cohn, MD, Nancy M Dunbar, MD, Torunn O Apelseth, MD, Mark Popovsky, MD, Simon J Stanworth, FRCP, Alan Tinmouth, MD, Leo Van De Watering, MD, Prof Jonathan H Waters, MD, Prof Mark Yazer, MD, Prof Alyssa Ziman, MD Transfusion reactions: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion (BEST) Collaborative.  Lancet  Published Online: 12 April 2016

CARDIA study featured in Chicago Tribune story

The University of Minnesota  (Myron Gross PI) is one of the sites of the major CARDIA (Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults).  The laboratory testing has been done at ARDL over the years.  This study followed test subjects for three decades; in the article it is described as “the premier study that has looked at the aging process from young adulthood to middle age.”  Side note:  in 2015 nearly a half million test results were reported on 45 different studies and projects at ARDL.  To read more visit this link:  

Pennell stars in Health Talk

Chris Pennell is highlighted in the latest AHC Health Talk discussing the public’s role in the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative.  For more information visit

Thursday is the last research seminar

Nicole Zantek is our last speaker of the year.  Join us at the Dale Shepherd Room in the Campus Club from 5-7 pm

Happy Hour for Rob McKenna

Faculty are invited to a casual happy hour at the Campus Club bar/lounge on Thursday, May 19 at 4:30 pm to send Rob McKenna off to retirement.   Reply to your google calendar invitation so we know that you are coming.

Help the editor and web guy  

Send any news and publication citations to Linda Kenny at  Don’t forget to review your bio and forward any changes to Bill Hoffman at  (link below).

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Monday, May 9, 2016

LMP News: April 25, 2016

Two LMP projects approved by MHealth for 2016 capital plan

The 2016 MHealth capital plan was approved by the respective governance committees.  In total $44.3M was approved.  LMP has been championing two major projects including the next phase of genomics (Genomics III) and the purchase of an electron microscope for our renal pathology service.  Both requests were approved as strategic initiatives.  Project teams are organized and will be meeting throughout the next several months to implement the initiatives.  We will keep you updated on our progress.

The Division of Molecular Pathology and Genomics (MPG) is officially open

One of our strategic initiative goals was to establish a division of “molecular medicine” that would highlight the work we do in cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics and genomics.  The project group including Tony Killeen, Betsy Hirsch, Bharat Thyagarajan, Sophia Yohe, Mahmoud Khalifa and Linda Kenny have developed the outline for a new division called Molecular Pathology and Genomics (MPG).  Last week the executive committee was named to include Hirsch (chair), Scott Dehm, Faqian Li, and Thyagarajan.   Membership in the division will be open to any faculty member who is actively engaged in work that is relevant to the division.  MPG will organize a journal club, be responsible for several Grand Rounds, and plans to hold an annual symposium.  More details about a kick-off retreat and other division activities will be forthcoming.  

McCullough receives award

Jeff McCullough recently received the Perkins/Garratty Award from the California Blood Bank Society (CBBS).   The award is given annually by the CBBS to honor an individual actively involved in education, training, research and/or the scientific practice pertaining to transfusion medicine.  McCullough’s lecture was on “Randomized Clinical Trials in Transfusion Medicine:  Impact on Transfusion Practice.”

Flow Cytometry conference is a success

The recent  Twin Cities regional flow cytometry conference was both engaging and successful.  Over 60 people attended, including approximately 20 pathologists and 40 technologists and pathology trainees.  The conference was hosted by LMP and received sponsorship from Becton Dickinson, Beckman Coulter, and the Upper Midwest Flow Cytometry Users' Group.  Speakers represented five institutions, and attendees traveled as far as from Southern Illinois to attend.  We plan to host this conference annually each spring.

Faculty publish recent papers

SA Black, AC Nelson, NJ Gurule, BW Futscher and TR Lyons. Semaphorin 7a exerts pleiotropic effecs to promote breast tumor progression. Oncogene advance online publication, 11 April 2016, 1-9 doi:10.1038/onc.2016.49.

Review your bio on the web

When we transitioned our web site to the new Drupal format the Bio Builder tool was under the control of the AHC.   This editing function has now moved back to us.   If you get a minute sometime in the next few months, please review your bio and forward any changes to Bill Hoffman at or Linda Kenny at  We would like to have current information as we enter the residency interview season next fall.  See link to our web page at the bottom of this message.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

LMP News: April 11, 2016

Tumer receives ASHI approval

Gizem Tumer, who started her appointment with us last fall, has successful passed an oral review examination in March and is now qualified to act as a director of an ASHI accredited laboratory.  Tumer works in the tissue typing/HLA laboratory with David Maurer and Claudia Cohn.  Congratulations! 

McCullough is quoted in New York Times

The Zika virus is still featured prominently in the news as more is discovered each day about the virus.  Jeff McCullough was recently quoted in a NYT article on the FDA approval of an experimental test to screen blood donations for contamination from the virus.  Here is a link to the story

By the way, our YouTube of the recent LMP Zika talk has been viewed 129 times since posted.

Berger starts in July

We successfully recruited a second pediatric pathologist for the MHealth Masonic Children’s Hospital service.  David Berger will complete his pediatric pathology fellowship at Texas Children’s Hospital at the end of June.  He received his MD from Baylor College of Medicine and completed an AP/CP residency at Baylor.  We will have more logistical information to share closer to his start date.

Publication for community pathologists debuts this week

As part of our strategic plan goal “to Build Relationships” our new e-mail publication aimed at our community and outstate pathology colleagues has its debut this week.   Our plan for this quarterly publication is to feature a faculty member, a clinical service or clinical/translational research that may be of interest to this particular audience.  If you have ideas for future issues please e-mail us (Bill and Linda) at

April Research Forum features Michael Koob

Our first spring research forum will be held on April 14 from 5-7 in the Campus Club on April.  Michael Koob, Ph.D. will present.  RSVP to if you will attend.  Here is the link to Koob’s research bio:

Faculty publish recent papers

Yan, Y., Hanse, E.A., Stedman, K., Benson, J.M., Lowman, X.H., Subramanian, S., and Kelekar, A. Transcription factor C/EBP- induces tumor suppressor phosphatase PHLPP2 through repression of the miR-17~92 cluster in differentiating AML cells. Cell Death and Differentiation. Epub ahead of print. doi:10.1038/cdd.2016.1. PMID26868909

Ann M. Moyer, Amy K. Saenger, Maria Willrich, Leslie J. Donato, Nikola A. Baumann, Darci R. Block, Chad M. Botz, Munawwar A. Khan, Allan S. Jaffe, Curtis A. Hanson,and Brad S. Karon. Implementation of Clinical Decision Support Rules to Reduce Repeat Measurement of Serum Ionized Calcium, Serum Magnesium, and N-Terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide in Intensive Care Unit Inpatients Clinical Chemistry published March 28, 2016 as doi:10.1373/clinchem.2015.250514 

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Monday, April 11, 2016

LMP News: March 28, 2016

Jameson’s RO1 is renewed

Steve Jameson was awarded a five year R01 from NIAI with $1,250,000 in direct costs. This is a renewal of his long term research grant - currently in its 21st year and most recently supported through a MERIT award.  The new studies use novel gene expression manipulation techniques (including use of the CRISPR system) to determine key factors in dictating whether memory T cells become resident in tissues or circulate around the body in mice.  More details on our website:

Residency match is successful

2016-17 residency match results were announced last week.  We matched four PGY-1 positions.  Aastha Chauhan (AP/CP) comes Goa Medical College, Meghan Hupp (AP/CP) graduated from the Penn State College of Medicine, Opeyemi Peluola (AP/CP) is a graduate of Meharry Medical College and Aaron Barnes (CP) is a U of M graduate.  The residents will start on July 1.

Faculty, residents and fellows attend USCAP meeting

Our department was well represented at the 2016 USCAP meetings in Seattle.  Besides presenting 17 abstracts some of the attendees enjoyed some down time (see attached photo of Maryam Shahi (fellow), Aqsa Nasir (PGY2), Dale Snover, Tracy Stein (post sophomore year fellow), Mohamed El Hag (fellow), Sherine Salama (fellow – U Toronto), Mahmoud Khalifa, Dave Dexter, Faqian Li.) Also attending but not in the photo:  Paari Murugan, Lihong Bu, Tetyana Mettler, and Mark Luquette.

Gifford joins Anatomic Pathology

Welcome to Lacey Gifford who starts today in our anatomic pathology division office as an administrative assistant in support of the AP faculty.  Gifford comes to us from the St. Cloud VA Health Care System where she worked as a program support assistant.

Faculty meeting scheduled this Wednesday after Grand Rounds

Our six faculty groups are hard at work to implement the strategic plan.  They will give an update this Wednesday, right after Grand Rounds in 450 MCRB.

Flow Cytometry Conference scheduled for April 9

It’s not too late to register for the Twin Cities regional flow cytometry conference on Saturday, April 9 from 9:55 am – 3:30 pm.  The conference features presenters from the U of M, HCMC, Allina, Mayo, Northwestern U, and the VA.  Program details are linked on the front page of our web page

April Research Forum features Michael Koob

Our first spring research forum will be held on April 14 from 5-7 in the Campus Club on April.  Michael Koob, Ph.D. will present.  RSVP to by April 7 if you will attend.  Here is the link to Koob’s research bio:

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Monday, March 28, 2016

LMP News: March 14, 2016

Twin Cities Regional Flow Cytometry Conference coming in April

Saturday, April 9 is the date of the TC Regional Flow Cytometry Conference sponsored by LMP and the Upper Midwest Flow Cytometry Users Group.  It will be held from 9:55 am – 3:30 pm in 450 MCRB with free lunch and registration.  More information is posted on our home page.  RSVP with Amy Olson at

Schwertfeger lands Army (DoD) funding

Kaylee Schwertfeger was awarded a three year grant of $564,177 from the US Army Medical Research and Material Command. This grant is to determine the contribution of JAK/STAT signaling in macrophages during tumor initiation and growth and to develop combinatorial approaches to target both JAK/STAT signaling and the inflammatory microenvironment that it regulates.

Department ranking drops in Blue Ridge Rankings

Our department is ranked #15 among Departments of Pathology in 2015 with $9,955,582.  In 2014 we were ranked #12 with $11,954,531.   The rankings reflect direct plus indirect costs but exclude R&D contracts and ARRA awards.    For multi-year awards in which new, one year amounts are awarded annually, the one-year amounts are reported each year in the rankings.  For some multi-year awards, the NIH award for all years are reported in one year.  Confusing to say the least.  The Medical School also slipped in the rankings.  You’ll hear more about that from the Dean’s Office.  Our Blue Ridge ranking is one of the metrics used in measuring the success of the Medical School and its departments.    Link:

New addition arrives in Stewart family

Violet Ilyse Nyland arrived last week; both grandfather Jim and granddaughter Violet look very content in photo attached.

Grand Rounds videos are going up on YouTube

We created our own YouTube channel and are posting this year’s Grand Rounds videos to the site.  There are two links you can use to reach the videos.  One is at the bottom right corner of our web site home page or you can also link to them from the Grand Rounds page on our website.  Please see the URL at the bottom of this newsletter.  Note:  We are still looking for cool images for our home page; send to

Floating holiday occurs this Friday (March 18)

The floating March holiday is back in 2016.  Department administrative offices will be closed on Friday, March 18.  The hospitals and clinics will be on regular hours. 

Change in Grand Rounds CME requirements

Effective this week you need to both sign in and complete the post-conference online survey to get CME credit.

Save the date: 

Our next faculty meeting is scheduled for March 30 at 9:00 am right after Grand Rounds in 450 MCRB.   On the agenda:  updates on Strategic Plan.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

LMP News: February 29, 2016

We’re on the right track

Last month we were visited by an external review team.  In their report to the Dean, the review team recognized many strengths in our department including the move to specialty anatomic pathology, our ARDL facility, the strong cellular immunology program, the involvement of faculty in strategic planning, and our robust mentoring program.  We have six groups of faculty working on specific objectives of our strategic plan.  Implementing this plan is critical for us to continue to move forward and solidify our future as a strong department that fosters research inquiry and clinical excellence.   We will have regular faculty meetings in 2016 to report back on the strategic plan’s progress and to get your valuable input.

We have feedback on questions from our February faculty meeting on the Integration

Does the integration affect the agreements we have with affiliate hospitals for residency training?

NO, these agreements will remain in place with the Medical School.

Who will be eligible to vote?  When is the vote?

Faculty clinicians in Medical School departments will vote on “a complete rewriting of the UMP Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws”.    UMP employed physicians who are non-faculty and mid-level providers will not vote.   The date for the vote has not been set.  Anticipated start date for the integrated Academic Health System is July 1, 2016.

Pennell featured in Health Talk

The February 19 Health Talk focused on Chris Pennell’s research in tumor immunology and tumor immunotherapy.  These features on cancer research are in response to President Obama’s Cancer Moonshot challenge from his final State of the Union address.

Recent faculty publications for your perusal

Here are two recent publications from Mike Tsai:

Tsai MY, Cao J, Steffen BT, Weir NL, Rich SS, Liang S, Guan W. 5-Lipoxygenase gene variants are not associated with atherosclerosis or incident coronary heart disease in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis cohort. Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA in press)

Steffen BT, Cao J, Budoff M, Post WS, Thanassoulis G, Kestenbaum B, McConnell JP, Warnick R, Guan W, Tsai MY.Lipoprotein(a) levels are associated with subclinical calcific aortic valve disease in Caucasian and Black individuals: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.  Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis Vascular Biology (in press)

Nelson skates with Gopher Alumni

Andy Nelson was one of the players on the TCF Stadium ice rink for a benefit hockey game last week.  The benefit game featured twelve former Gopher players and other collegiate players (Nelson – University of Colorado).  Proceeds benefited hypertension research at the U.  Organizer Paul Drawz is the spouse of our co-chief resident, Sarah Drawz. 

Mark your calendar for the next research forum on March 10

Dave McKenna will be our March research forum speaker.  The forum takes place from 5-7 PM in the Dale Shephard Room in the Campus Club.  McKenna’s bio is at our web site at

Administrative assistant position is open in anatomic pathology

Wendy Sundelius-Tschampl took a new position outside the University so we are recruiting for a replacement.  While the position is vacant Amy Olson and Mary Ann Davis will help cover the AP office.  Please contact Jean Kurata with any concerns at 612-625-0932 or

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Publication date: 
Monday, February 29, 2016