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Anatomic Pathology (AP)

The Anatomic Pathology (AP) division is a clinical practice focusing on oncology and transplant pathology. AP was recently organized into subspecialized teams of experts in each of the body’s organ systems. AP pursues a wide range of academic translational research in collaboration with multidisciplinary colleagues.

The AP division also has teaching responsibilities in the undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing medical education settings.   

Breast Pathology
Cardiovascular Pathology
Head and Neck
Liver Transplant
Molecular Oncology
Ophthalmic Pathology
  • Amanda Maltry, MD
  • Robert Bell, MD | 612-624-6563
Pediatric Pathology
Soft Tissue and Bone
Thoracic Pathology

Clinical Pathology (CP)

The major responsibilities of the Clinical Pathology (CP) division are clinical service, teaching, and research. The clinical service responsibility is met by providing medical direction to the following labs: clinical chemistry, infectious diseases diagnostic lab, hematopathology, acute care, molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, coagulation, tissue typing (HLA), transfusion medicine and blood bank, and cell therapy.

Teaching involves residents, fellows, medical students, and graduate students. The research activities are generally translational in nature, often with faculty serving as co-investigators in large collaborative studies.

Clinical Chemistry
Infectious Diseases
Molecular Diagnostics
Tissue Typing/HLA
Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking
Cell Therapy
Laboratory Informatics


Clinical faculty from the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology provide consultative and interpretative assistance through University of Minnesota Medical Center Laboratories and University of Minnesota Physicians Outreach Laboratories.

University of Minnesota Physicians Outreach Laboratories

Outreach receiving 612-273-7838
Biopsy results/AP slide receiving 612-273-5920
Hemepath receiving 612-273-5136
Oral Pathology 612-626-6424 
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