Online Pathology Course for non-MDs

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For more information and permission to register:
Mary Ramey, Teaching Specialist, Laboratory Medicine & Pathology 

LAMP 4177 (3 credits, Spring/Summer)

The Nature of Disease: Pathology for Allied Health Students

The course is a study of the mechanisms of human disease. Students receive a substantial foundation in the pathobiology of human disease and medical terminology. The course covers general pathology followed by organ system pathology. 

Spring registration for LAMP 4177 spring semester starts November 14th.

LAMP 4177 is a good foundation course for a degree in the Health Sciences including:

  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Health & Wellness ICP
  • Spring semester online
  • Summer semester online
  • Grading: A/F or S/N

Non University of Minnesota students are welcome and can register through the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS), University of Minnesota.


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