Research Forum


Research Forum

The Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Research Forum is held monthly 5 - 7 pm. in the Dale Shephard
Room, Campus Club, Coffman Memorial Union.  Hors d'oeuvres and light refreshments are provided. 
October 13

Emil Racila and Jim McCarthy; Sophie Arbefeville, Pat Ferrieri and Bharat Thyagarajan

November 10

Jesse Seegmiller and Faqian Li; Sophia Yohe 

December 8

Sara Hamilton and Hank Balfour; Lihong Bu and Faqian Li

January 12

Amy Skubitz - "A Paradigm Shift for Ovarian Cancer Detection: Screening Liquid-Based Pap Tests by Mass Spectrometry"

February 9

Andrew Nelson - "Gene co-expression networks differentiate the spectrum of lobular neoplasia and demonstrate similarity between pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in situ and luminal B type breast cancer."

March 9

Bharat Thyagarajan - "Division of Molecular Pathology and Genomics"

April 13

Ameeta Kelekar - "Metabolic Reprogramming in Cancer therapy and Immunotherapy"

May 11

Kaylee Schwertfeger - "Contributions of FGFR-mediated tumor-stromal interactions to breast cancer growth and progression"