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Dr. Henry Balfour Jr in the laboratoryDr. Henry H. Balfour, Jr., MD
Principal Investigator, Director 
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 priyaDr. Priya Verghese, MD, MPH
Associate Director 
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Our Laboratory Team

MaxDavid (Max) Schmeling, BS

Senior Scientist Full Bio

JennJennifer (Grimm) Geris, BA 

Scientist  Full bio

Emma_FiltzEmma Filtz, BS

Masters of Public Health Student

Professional Picture of Lauren DuvalLauren Duval

Undergraduate Researcher Full bio


 Howard Leuschen

Undergraduate Volunteer Full bio

Lucy Murphy Undergraduate Research Volunteer

Lucy Murphy

Undergraduate Volunteeer Full Bio

 anna stepanova the mono project ebv research ebv vaccine mono mononucleosisAnna Stepanova

Undergraduate Volunteer Full Bio

Postdoctoral Associates

Samantha DunmireDr. Samantha Dunmire, PhD

 Research Associate Full bio


Affiliated Researchers


Dr. Bartosz Grzywacz, MD

Hematopathologist Full Bio

LaurelDr. Laurel Cederberg, MD                                                                                                   Pediatrician, Health Partners Clinics

kristin_a_hogquistDr. Kristin A. Hogquist, PhD                                                                                                    Associate Director of Center for Immunology Full bio

Sara Hamilton HartDr. Sara Hamilton Hart, PhD                                                                                           Assistant Professor Full bio


Updated: 1/4/2018

Impact of EBV

280,000 cases of mono in U.S college freshmen annually

200,000 new cases of EBV-associated cancers annually worldwide

2.3 million cases of multiple sclerosis worldwide

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