Where We Practice

Our program gives residents exposure to different practice styles including an academic institution, a high-volume private practice facility, a county hospital with the experiences of a community practice, and a world-class veteran's hospital. The opportunities available create residents who are well-prepared for a successful career in private practice or academic pathology.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Abbott NWAbbott Northwestern Hospital is a 642-bed community hospital with 16,500 surgical specimens, 500 blood and bone marrow evaluations, 89,200 cytopathology accessions, 84 autopsies, and 230,000 clinical pathology assays per year.

As the largest hospital in the Twin Cities, Abbott Northwestern is recognized nationally and locally for its exceptional expertise and care. 

800 E. 28th Street
Minneapolis , MN
Phone: 612-863-4670
Fax: 612-863-8375

Hennepin County Medical Center

Hennepin County Medical Center (a 360-bed county medical center) has 8,200 surgical specimens, 1,400 blood and bone marrow evaluations, 18,000 cytopathology accessions, 108 autopsies, and more than 1,800,000 clinical pathology assays. 

Residents also rotate at the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office, which provides death investigative services and performs more than 550 forensic autopsies per year.

701 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
Phone: 612-873-3076
Fax: 612-904-4298

The HCME Pathology Office can be reached at (612) 215-6300.

University of Minnesota Medical Center

FairviewThe University of Minnesota Medical Center is located in the health sciences complex on the University of Minnesota East Bank Campus in Minneapolis. The Medical Center is a state-of-the-art general and subspecialty care facility with 743 beds.

The University services have a workload of 22,500 surgical specimens, 2,500 blood and bone marrow evaluations, 5,000 dermatopathology specimens, 59,000 cytopathology cases, 165 autopsies and over 2,700,000 clinical pathology assays annually. The Medical Center also has an active on-site blood bank donor center.

East Bank:
500 Harvard Street
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-273-3000

Veterans' Affairs Medical Center - Minneapolis

VA MedicalThe Veterans' Affairs Medical Center has a 361-bed capacity in addition to a full spectrum of clinics. This medical center has over 11,500 surgical specimens, 4,300 Cytopathology cases, 300 bone marrow evaluations, 2,450 peripheral blood smear evaluations, 60 autopsies, and more than 2,380,000 clinical pathology assays.

1 Veterans Drive
Minneapolis , MN
Phone: 612-725-2099
Fax: 612-725-2079